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Windows Live Writer August 13, 2006

Posted by J.J. in Code, Windows Live.

Today our team is shipping the beta version of Windows Live Writer.

The best part of releasing a new product is how much you learn from customers after shipping it. As much as you think you’ve nailed the details you learn vastly more from user forums, blog posts, and support requests after you ship. The best you can hope for is that your first take is enough to get people engaged, thereby giving you the chance to create someting really great.



1. Menori » Blog Archive » Writing with Writer - August 13, 2006

[…] If you can comment on JJ Allaire’s blog it’s here […]

2. Steve - August 13, 2006

Excellent application. Could do with the ability to add a brand new category, not just use the ones already there, and the inclusion of the ‘more’ tag would also be great.

3. Craig Burton Blog » Blog Archive » Flying Upside Down » Windows Live Writer - August 13, 2006

[…] JJ Allaire’s blog post today. Still playing with Livewriter.  Windows Live Writer August 13, 2006 […]

4. Martin Woodward - August 14, 2006

Windows Live Writer…

On Rob’s recommendation, I’ve installed Windows Live Writer today.  Up until now I’ve written most of my blog posts in BlogJet – however so far I’m liking Windows Live Writer and may well stick to it.  The thing that……

5. neville - August 14, 2006

Congratulations, JJ, on a terrific tool. Impressive.

One issue I have, though, is my experience in using it to post to my WordPress blog at http://www.nevillehobson.com. It works fine but with a wholly incorrect date and time (as in November 30, 1999 at 2:00am) even though the correct time is shown in Live Writer. Other editors I use don’t have this issue nor does this happen when writing a post directly in WordPress. I’ve left a comment re this on the Live Writer site but in light of the enormous interest in this app today, that may get lost in the noise.

In contrast, it works just fine when posting to my Live Spaces blog.

If you have any suggestions on what I might do to figure out this issue, I’d appreciate hearing them. Thanks.

I’m listening right now to your interview with Harrison Hoffman. Intersting to hear your thoughts on how Live Writer will develop.

Congrats again.

6. thaliondalionmke - August 14, 2006

JJ, I am in great need of help, I have tried to try this program since its release with absolutely no success, the same with trying to get help.

This is the message I get: “Windows Live Writer was not able to login to the remote server using the username and password. Please check that the information is correct and try again.”

Could you please help? I would greatly appreciate it.

7. James Governor's MonkChips - December 8, 2006

Holy Crap Microsoft Just Got Awesome. 4k

Jon Udell is one of the smartest guys in an industry full of smart people. I thought he enjoyed working for a media company, but then again, Microsoft is becoming a media company, and so Jon is joining. IBM has IBM…

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